Two minutes with Step Up President Doug Tuthill

Doug Tuthill, president of Step Up For Students, recently took a few moments to talk about his vision for the organization.

“We’re in the equal opportunity business,” Tuthill said. “We want to make sure that low-income children have the same opportunities more affluent kids have. We want to make sure special needs (students) have their needs met also.”



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Monica Georgieff

Thank you very much Doug Tuthill and all the people who run this organization with you!It really make a big difference in the life of our children.Is amazing the impact of a great education,especially for those with low income families like mine .God bless you all and give you the strength,courage and resources to countinue this awesome job!
Much love ❤️
Monica Georgieff


Hi, im an mother of 7 and I’m over joyed my children get the chance at education that I never had. My family have and just trying to overcome some really tough times. At least when I think about school and education there is no worries. I’m crying wile writing this! Thank you so much. I grew up in foster care and always dreamed of having an big family. I take so much pride in saying my kids are in private school. No more embarrassment because I don’t have enough money for an field trip. I think each and everyone of you.

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