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Introducing My Story: Your story told by you

By Lisa A. Davis

As Step Up For Students continues to grow, so does our community. Our community is made up of our scholars and alumni, parents and guardians, educational and community partners, advocates and supporters, therapy and special needs providers, Step Up team members and more. You get the point. Our scholarship program organization is far reaching.

Our thinking is we are alStep Up and Sharel in this together, so the more we share and get to know each other, the stronger we become in this wonderful state of educational options. With this is mind, we are constantly coming up with ideas on how we can all become more engaged with each other and learn more from each other’s experiences. We want the world to know Step Up For Students changes lives. And, as we always say, who better than to show that educational options work than those right in the middle of it all?

So today, we’re excited to introduce you to one more storytelling tool: My Story.

My Story is a space where members of our community can share their story, or a particular experience with our program and share it in your own words. So essentially, these will be stories about you by you. How cool is that?

It’s a fairly simple process. You go to the site, which is part of this new blog, and go to the “Share Your Story!” tab at the top of “Stepping Beyond the Scholarship” homepage. Click and voila. You’re ready to get started. The site will walk you through all the steps, including a permission form so we can upload your story and photo after a brief approval process.

A few of us at Step Up have already shared ours, so please take a look. But now it’s your turn. Please step up (Like what we did there?) and share YOUR stories. Your stories inspire us. Your successes are our successes. Your story is our story. So, let’s keep writing the chapters together to make up an incredible Step Up For Students book. We can’t wait to read it.