Layla and Jeremiah Cirino


Layla and Jeremiah Cirino

By Lisa A. Davis

Meet Layla and Jeremiah Cirino of Kissimmee. They began their academic life attending their neighborhood school, but as the years went by, the school became overcrowded and the environment made learning a challenge for the siblings.

Jeremiah was bullied. Layla faced violence in the classroom. Their mom, Adrienne Cirino, was desperate to find an alternative school for her children, but as a single mother private school seemed out of reach. Then she heard about the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program and applied through Step Up For Students. Soon, Layla’s grades were back to her usual A’s and B’s and Jeremiah was doing better than ever.

“I’m very blessed that Step Up has brought the love of school back to my kids,’’ Adrienne said. “They’re getting an education and I can see the light shining in them. They love to learn. They started going and they just excelled.” Read their full story here.

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