Digital Media Solutions, a Clearwater-based media company providing results-based technology to help businesses grow, has contributed $2,500 to Step Up For Students, for its new fundraising initiative, Stepping Beyond, Boosting Success, benefiting Florida schoolchildren. Step Up For Students, a state-approved nonprofit helps administer two scholarship programs for boys and girls with financial or certain special needs.

dms-logo-440The generous check makes Digital Media Solutions the first company to donate to Stepping Beyond, Boosting Success, allowing students to maximize the impact of their scholarship so they can reach their full potential. The additional dollars will help provide much-needed support services and access to information for parents, teachers and schools.

One of the many endeavors Step Up For Students is currently exploring is the creation of an information tool to help parents identify the best learning environments for their children. This new platform will allow parents to search school data to better match a student’s needs to a participating school. Another project may be the expansion of an existing program known as Success Partners that provides professional development for teachers to help strengthen partnerships between home and school, fostering student success. These services help ensure learning continues beyond the classroom.

Digital Media Solutions, a leader in online digital advertising, is now a partner in this effort, with the company encouraging others to follow its lead and give to the cause.

“DMS wants to play an active role in helping low-income and special needs students have access to a quality education. We are very excited to partner with Step Up For Students’ Stepping Beyond, Boosting Success in order to pursue this goal,” said Digital Media Solutions’ CEO, Joe Marinucci.

Step Up For Students is honored to work with Digital Media Solutions to help families receiving the income-based Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and the Personal Learning Scholarship enjoy a holistic approach to education.

“Digital Media Solutions’ commitment strengthens these scholarships by helping families access information and additional support they need to use their scholarships more effectively,” said Doug Tuthill, president of Step Up For Students. “We are proud of our successes so far, but there is still much work to do. We are grateful for the support of Digital Media Solutions as we work to ensure every child receives a quality education.’’