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Melody and her daughter Shawnay

Melody Rodriguez dreamed of finding a small private school for her daughter, Shawnay, to blossom academically and socially. But the single mother never realized she could afford it until she applied for the K-12 Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. The income-based program helps struggling families pay for tuition and other fees at participating private schools. Today, Shawnay is thriving in a school that truly meets her needs.

“She feels safe, she feels confident. Go for it, try it,” Melody says about applying for the scholarship. “It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. You’ll see it in your kids as they grow.”

Eddie, Emily and their son Julian

Eddie and Emily Cruz rely on the Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts program to help send their son, Julian, to a Montessori school for children who are deaf or, like him, hearing impaired. Julian also has cerebral palsy and other medical conditions that make him eligible for the new scholarship designed specifically for children with special needs.

“Kids with special needs need special care,” says mom Emily.