Diane Berland 's Story

Julia Berland

Julia's problems, for whatever reason started in second grade in public school (2013). She just stopped "getting it" (for a lack of a better phrase). We tried private tutors, reading clinics, homework routines, constant open communication with her teachers and school faculty – we tried it ALL – to NO avail. Our home became a stressful environment. Just thinking during my workday what we had to do to get her through this next math paper or reading assignment was truly tearing my sanity apart. We came to the realization that life was going to be HARD. We can't afford a private school. Where to turn? Then we learned about Step Up for Students.

Julia started Double R Private School in the Orlando area and it wasn't roses at first. The adjustment period was just that – an ADJUSTMENT. She wanted NO part in this school. Fast forward: Julia is THRIVING. She is a 100 percent a different student, different child, confident – getting "it". Step Up For Students and Double R Private School have changed Julia’s life and her family’s!