Jillian Lopez's Story

The Lopez Kids

I was once a public school teacher and my kids attended each school I've taught at. I was very disillusioned and saddened to find that teaching and learning in public school was nothing like it once was.

I came across the Step Up For Students scholarship when I decided enough was enough; my kids and I were always stressed and felt like we were under constant pressure.We needed something different. Our entire lives have changed for the better since we have changed our school setting from public/magnet schools to private Christian schools.

My children are blossoming, their self-confidence is rising and they are finally successful. We will never go back to public school because it didn’t work for us. If this program is taken away, it will require me and thousands of other parents to home-school their children if they cannot afford private school.

Thank you Step Up For Students for giving us the opportunity to provide the academic environment that best fits for our kids. See you in Tallahassee!