Does Your Child Qualify For A Scholarship?

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How 9 Gardiner students and their teacher opened the world to Audible
By ROGER MOONEY Nine Gardiner Scholarship students on the autism spectrum wrote an essay and gave the world a gift[...]
Busy 48 hours includes trip to State Capitol, trophies for Piney Grove Boys Academy
By ROGER MOONEY Alton Bolden, principal at Piney Grove Boys Academy in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, has a new name for[...]
Young violinists bring joy to audiences and teachers
By ROGER MOONEY DUNEDIN, Fla. – Manny Perez used to stand in the back of the violin ensemble, hoping to[...]
The fire still burns for Rev. H.K. Matthews as he fights for education choice
By ROGER MOONEY JACKSONVILLE, FL – Leaning his 92-year-old body on a wooden cane as he walked, the Rev. H.K.[...]
Mount Zion students show they care with supplies sent to hurricane survivors
By ROGER MOONEY St. PETERSBURG, FL – The plastic boxes, originally meant to hold school supplies like pencils and markers[...]
Reading scholarship boosts confidence, scores
By LISA A. DAVIS In third grade, Kiersten Covic’s reading score on the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) was high enough[...]

Does Your Child Qualify For A Scholarship?

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