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Born drug-addicted and poor, a Step Up graduate’s story set for a happy ending
By LISA A. DAVIS If Ashley Elliott’s story continued to unwind the way it began, it was sure to be[...]
School choice scholarship was her ticket out of extreme poverty
By JEFF BARLIS At Seven Rivers Christian School in Lecanto, there’s a list of core values for students. Among them:[...]
The right school choice made all the difference for De’Asia Waters
By JEFF BARLIS Demetria Hutley-Johnson can laugh about it now, but not long ago her daughter, De’Asia Waters, was having[...]
From bullying victim to valedictorian
Editor's note: This story was originally posted on redefinED on July 18, 2016. It's an interesting look at how bullying[...]
School choice scholarship ‘saved’ bullying victim
By JEFF BARLIS  Middle school is tough for a lot of kids. For Valentin Mendez, it was hell. At night,[...]
Siblings from Argentina adjust and thrive thanks to Step Up For Students’ scholarships
Editor’s note: This story originally appeared on the redefinED blog on Aug. 7, 2017. The blog is hosted by Step[...]
Scholarship fosters better relationship between school and adoptive brothers
Editor’s note: November is National Adoption Month, which allows us to spotlight that the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, the nation’s[...]
Scholarship gives strength to bullied student
By DAVID TUTHILL Jacob Monastra came home from school in tears every day. He struggled in class and was often[...]
Jacksonville private school, scholarship fueled student’s emotional turnaround
By JEFF BARLIS  Lost.That’s where Pamela Howard feared her son, Malik Ferrell, would end up after years of struggles at different[...]
Scholarship alum grateful after being selected in the NFL draft
By JEFF BARLIS    Anthony Walker Jr. sat in his home, ear to cell phone, new coach on the line. Then[...]
Tampa Catholic grad going from one scholarship to another
By JEFF BARLIS    When she walked across the stage as a freshly minted graduate of Tampa Catholic High School in[...]
Scholarship, Kingdom Academy spurred turnaround for Miami student
By JEFF BARLIS  Eleven-year-old Henezy Berrios’ sparkling brown eyes crinkle in the corners when she smiles, which is just about all[...]
From street life to college life – thanks to a private school scholarship
By JEFF BARLIS  Deion Washington didn’t plan to speak to lawmakers. But as he sat with classmates in a committee meeting[...]
With the right school and a portable scholarship, she found her voice and graduated with honor
By JEFF BARLIS  Eliya McDonald was in ninth grade when everything fell apart.First her mom was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy,[...]
School choice scholarship helps Orlando graduate literally soar
By JEFF BARLIS As a boy, Orlando Rivera dreamed of being a pilot. He grew up in the shadow of[...]
Josh Clay’s boulevard of unbroken dreams
By DAVID TUTHILL Josh Clay sometimes speaks at such a frantic speed he needs to slow himself down. But he[...]
Wesley Hamilton: Another Bill Gates?
  By GEOFF FOX Wesley Hamilton, a curious, curly-haired six-year-old was blessed with a high IQ. When he was 3,[...]
Little Catholic school has big impact on Step Up scholar
By JEFF BARLIS Eventually, Jodi Haley said, she had enough. She felt she had no choice but to remove her[...]
Eduardo Rivero’s amazing turnaround
By GEOFF FOX Eduardo Rivero was a sixth-grader reading at a fourth-grade level when school started last year. He was[...]
Student found the right kind of peer pressure with scholarship
By JEFF BARLIS Heidi Gonzalez saw the warning signs. Her daughter Samantha Delgado had just started sixth grade at her[...]

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